Rob Williams Jr.
Pastor Elect Rob WIlliams Jr. was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and has been involved in ministry since the tender young age of 8 years old.

By the age of 16 yrs old, he began preaching and working with the youth ministry, sponsering services that drew crowds of young people in the hundreds. He has been asked to preach at various conferences and churches over the years including one of the largest churches in the city of Philadelphia.

As an active member of Chosen Assembly Church of Christ, Pastor Elect was responsible for outreach ministry and the sponsering of various fundraising events .

Rob attended Deliverance Bible Institute in Philadeplhia. PA where he took up various ministry courses including Bible Doctrine and Church Leadership. 

In 2010, Pastor Elect was Appointed as Elder at Restoration Temple worship center under the leadership of Bishop Gina Hodge. 

His years of experience coupled with his passion for ministering the gospel of Jesus compels him to continue his work through Greater Temple International Ministries. As he sets out to reach the global community one soul at a time.
Jessica Williams
Co-Pastor Jessica, born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, has been ministrering the Gospel since the age of 15. While attending Impacting Your World Christian Center in Philadelphia, she was actively involved in a dynamic youth ministry, "High Impact" under the leadership of Pastors Ray and Susan Smith, where she gained the opportunity to grow spiritually while developing her God-given gifts to spread the Gospel.

Jessica attended Eastern University and obtained her degree in Communication Studies. During her time in college, she also attended Bible school and became the youngest Minister at her church.

Jessica also had the opportunity to attend Global Leadership Training Center in North Carolina under the leadership of Dr. Patricia Bailey where she was apart of intense global missions training and graduated in 2009 and was a recipient of the Leadership Award.

Not only does she minister the gospel, but is a published author of two books and will be releasing a third book in the fall of 2017 as one of her passions is encouraging others through writing.

Pastor elect Rob Williams & Co-Pastor Jessica Williams have six beautiful children and are comitted to spreading the gospel to the four corners of the earth!